The Saddest Man

I was working at a filling station in an arrangement with a security officer to provide security there, a former police officer. He was there one night when a police cruiser drove in and the officer got out. I noticed his name plate just as my boss said, “This is Harry Fagg. That’s with two g’s and he’s not.” Conversation ensued and Officer Fagg told his sad story. He was on patrol one night when the burglar alarm went off at a real estate office in the bottom of the Washington Hotel.This was my landlord’s office, so I knew it well. The incident that he narrated was notorious, so I had heard a bit about it. Harry responded and the burglars got the drop on him and took him hostage. Negotiations ensued and the police allowed them to take their hostage and go, with safe conduct to somewhere and release their hostage. So they took off with Harry, surrounded by police cars. After some distance the police decided to take them and free their hostage. Gunfire ensued. The only person injured was Harry Fagg. “Damn,” he said, “shot in the ass by my own men.”

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