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Monday, April 30th, 2007

I have experienced some good lightening of mood. I am feeling more energetic and happy. I think getting to go to church has done this. Last Sunday I really felt like a participant. My prayer in the Eucharist was where it should be. Now I need to find a way to meet people. I am wondering if and when adult ed might happen. there doesn’t seem to be a coffee hour after the 11 o clock. there is a space of time between the 8.30 and the 11. Sunday School happens then. so I wonder what the adults do. I will have to ask.

At the moment I am less then my best. My sciatica started up again yesterday. I am hobbling about a bit but relatively ok except when sitting and trying to shift my position. But I am not much more depressed by it.

Dance and Joy

Monday, April 9th, 2007

I have just started reading _Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy_ by Barbara Ehrenreich. The introduction really speaks of our Western rational squashing of the ecstatic, from the views of anthropologists and psychologists and psychoanalysts. I have some experience of the ecstatic from my rock days, especially with the Grateful Dead. I also remember going to the festival at the local Greek church in St Louis. I wound up drinking a some beer and getting into the famous Greek line dance, a la Zorba the Greek. It went on for hours, til very early in the morning. I drank a huge amount of beer, but being in August I sweated it all right back out. I was not sick or much hung over the next day. And it all seemed to just keep happening, perhaps best thought of as flow. And I found energy I didn’t know I had. Nor at any point did I feel really drunk, just pleasantly conscious. Makes me wonder how much we have lost. The book will inform me in detail.

Church At Long Last

Monday, April 9th, 2007

April 9, 2007: Easter Monday

Well I am hooked up with a church again. I went to Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil at my local parish. I had visited there some while back and found it felt unwelcoming. there has been a complete change and turn around. All new clergy, including an Interim. And someone I knew in the Diocese of Newark, though I think he doesn’t much remember me.

I guess I should feel ecstatic to have made the connection, but actually I have been feeling a bit let down. Inevitable with so much hanging on this. I am not out to many people as a priest. What’s the point so far. What I should do is write to the Bishop of NC with a copy to the local Bishop, making myself available somehow.

Nevertheless, it does feel good to be back in the church again, so right. And this is a church I can actually walk to, a 45 minute walk. I did it last Friday and Saturday, and got a ride home with the priest I knew in New Jersey. On Sundays I have a ride to and from.