More Poverty

The sad cycle has caught up with me. I am $50 short of the amount of rent I need to be able to pay to get help from the local church community ministry. I guess I have to try to hit someone up for it and talk to the Ministry. If I don’t make it, I will have to pay late, at $100 extra. My car insurance will hit before my social security, so that will be a $35 fee. I will ask my DSL people to hold off til I get the social security so I don’t incur yet another $35 fee. The car insurance people are intractable. Then once I have the social security I will have to pay utility bills. then I wont have enough for rent.

And so the cycle goes.

My hope is to find a roommate situation. I will be calling some who have advertised on Craigslist tomorrow. This situation will give me disposable income. And if I move I can set up something different for Internet access. Maybe cable and a cell phone. Probably depends on my credit, which is not good, let me tell you. And I would be defaulting on my lease.

Coming Attractions:

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What I would like to do had I the income to live on, -ie, non-monetizible skills

Newspaper Reading as a life of prayer

Am I a Hermit or What

Stay tuned.


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