Doubting Thomas, You Go

This guy wants evidence. How refreshing. He’s someone we can actually imagine emulating. Don’t just tell me, he says, show me.

Don’t we want evidence for everything around us. It’s our scientific worldview. We expect to see evidence we can rely on before we take on new jobs, new responsibilities, new ideas. In evidence we trust. But do we bring it to our church, our faith, our prayer? If we pray and don’t ask for results, what’s the point. “Ask and it shall be given”

Are we afraid to ask God, “Where’s the beef?” God might answer, and that’s pretty scary. Jesus certainly did. “Here, stick your finger in this!”

Follow this Doubting Thomas.

And what of those “who have not seen and yet believe?” What evidence have they, we, seen. I guess we just have to be that evidence. Like Doubting Thomas.

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