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Sunday before last, at the adult ed I just listened, but it was mostly didactic anyway. Last Sunday there was more discussion and I was able to join in. I served as a complement to Fr Joe’s teaching, interjecting comments and contributions. I said my usual lain and simple stuff. Since the sessions were about the Trinity, simplicity was a good thing. 🙂 Anyway I let my light shine.

And it was well received. Several people came to me and thanked me and praised my contributions. Fr Joe thanked me too; it was clear he valued my contributions. It was a little like teamwork. But this was the last adult ed of the season. So that was the end of that for now.

So I am feeling impatient to move ahead. Next Sunday is the parish picnic. I will see if I can form some social relationships. I did put on a temporary name tag last Sunday. I also conversed with Nancy the Deacon. I told her much of my story and let on that I am a priest. Joe actually said that to the adult ed group last Sunday too. So I guess I am out of that closet.

I am also impatient to move ahead as a priest. I really should find opportunities to do spiritual direction. It’s one of my best skills and my holiest. I mean that in the sense that i learn and grow in the spirit and in a certain holiness in doing it. I am not sure that my apartment is fit to have guests. the only really comfortable furniture is in the bedroom. I don’t use the rest of the house, or at least the living room, that much. A relationship with a parish or center where I could use a room would be better. But it needs to be in a place I can get to without a car.

I should also connect with the diocese. I guess I really should write a letter to my Bishop, with a copy to the local Bishop. OK, get to work on that, quick smart.

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