Dance and Joy

I have just started reading _Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy_ by Barbara Ehrenreich. The introduction really speaks of our Western rational squashing of the ecstatic, from the views of anthropologists and psychologists and psychoanalysts. I have some experience of the ecstatic from my rock days, especially with the Grateful Dead. I also remember going to the festival at the local Greek church in St Louis. I wound up drinking a some beer and getting into the famous Greek line dance, a la Zorba the Greek. It went on for hours, til very early in the morning. I drank a huge amount of beer, but being in August I sweated it all right back out. I was not sick or much hung over the next day. And it all seemed to just keep happening, perhaps best thought of as flow. And I found energy I didn’t know I had. Nor at any point did I feel really drunk, just pleasantly conscious. Makes me wonder how much we have lost. The book will inform me in detail.

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