God Is Pro-Choice

I attended a place of public lamentation the other day, on the way to the dentist. Project Rescue was demonstrating at an abortion clinic on Tremont Street. As I was a few minutes early, I stood and watched and listened for a while, then went to the dentist, where I could hear the singing and shouting in the distance. As is my wont, I reflected on what was going on. Finally I prayed.

There were two sets of demonstrators, the one from Operation Rescue, the other a pro-choice group. The first were saying the rosary and singing songs and hymns which I knew from the days of the charismatic movement. One of the pro-choice demonstrators had a rosary on which he had substituted a condom for the crucifix. The people from Operation Rescue brandished ugly and explicit pictures of bloody fetuses. Religious symbols were being brandished and mutilated right and left. The question of abortion, for or against, had been turned into the question of God, for or against. I myself was split. On the one hand, I was for God, but on the other, I really had more in common, was in more sympathy with, the pro-choice people. And where was God?

Then came the revelation. God is pro-choice. Abortion is the least of it. God is pro-choice about everything. God created us with free will, which is precisely the ability to choose. God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, and so put himself into the hands of those who chose against him and was put to death. That is how pro-choice God is. We are free to choose to do wrong, and to wrong God. And God suffers our choices, in every way and in all places, in aborted fetuses and in those who choose to abort them, in women who are injured or killed by illegal abortions and in those who mourn them, in those who use God to bash others, and in those who are bashed. God is on both sides of every conflict as the one who suffers the consequences. The cross of the pro-choice God is visible to the eyes of faith in and behind all the events of life. The true pro-choice banner is the crucifix.